Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders

A single technology to explore them all!

Explore the world of diabetes & metabolic disorders with a single technology

Metabolic diseases and disorders disrupt the normal metabolism. They are highly diverse, ranging from dyslipidemia and metabolic syndrome to the most common affliction, diabetes.

Some, including diabetes, have yet to be met with an effective cure, despite being devastating diseases that cause much pain and suffering.

At Revvity, we are committed alongside researchers to provide homogeneous time- and sample-saving solutions to advance research on these disorders.

Solutions for in-depth studies of diabetes

Revvity makes it easier to investigate diabetes by offering a broad portfolio of assays for the dissection and complex study of related pathways and interactions.
Wage war on diabetes, wherever it may be hiding. Leverage a set of kits designed to address pathways specific to muscle cells, adipocytes, hepatocytes, intestinal cells, and b-cells.

Diabetes Guide : a comprehensive listing of Type II diabetes pathways

To help you understand and investigate diabetes in all its aspects, Revvity wrote this comprehensive Guide that gathers the best of our knowledge on the topic.
Featuring key signaling pathways and physiological profiles for a range of organs involved in or affected by diabetes it reviews the fundamental and provide key insight into the disease pathogenesis and markers.

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Organs involved in Diabetes

Support to help you implement assays optimally

We are not only committed to offering the best possible tools, but also guidelines, tips, and data that will help you get the most from your time at the bench! See our insulin guide to fully benefit from Revvity expertise.

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Diabetes: assays tailored for insulin and glucagon studies

Revvity focuses on providing assays that cover all your needs and make research more straightforward. With our kits, everything stays in focus:

  • Ultra-sensitive and high-range insulin assays covering a dynamic range from 0.004 ng/mL to 150 ng/mL
  • Diverse and relevant models, such as human, rat, mouse, and pig, for insulin and glucagon assays

Discover how HTRF can help you to address your challenges for metabolism research

HTRF® phospho-protein platform facilitates the dissection of signaling pathways involved in insulin resistance and metabolic disorders.

Download this complimentary poster to see how HTRF phospho-protein assays could be applied to your metabolism research

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A new multi-parametric HTRF®-based approach enabling analysis of insulino-secreter and anti-apoptotic compounds in type 2 diabetes.

The HTRF technology opens up new avenues for the studying and characterizing compounds of therapeutic interest. Find more in this poster!

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Metabolic disorders

Revvity enables you to explore the world of metabolic disorders with reliable and easy-to-use immunoassays based on HTRF® and Alpha technologies . We are dedicated to helping scientists discover new therapies and have developed many assays to reach that exact objective!
Whether you work on fibrosis, psoriasis, obesity, or any other disorder, it is very likely you will find what you need in our assay line, ranging from target identification and screening to pre-clinical sample testing. See our catalog for complete descriptions.