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New products

We are happy to announce the launch of new products from the combined PerkinElmer-Cisbio reagent portfolio.


Using the HTRF® technology:

2 assays for quantifying endogenous total & phosphorylated SYK (Spleen Tyrosine Kinase) as readouts of multiple adaptive and innate immune cell surface receptors.
Phospho-SYK (Tyr525/526) cellular kit
Total SYK cellular kit which can be used as a normalization assay for the phospho-SYK (Tyr525/526) kits.

1 assay for monitoring the binding of the IgG Fc region to the human FcRn receptor in buffered solution or in cell culture supernatants.
FcRn binding kit

2 new assays added to our Biotherapeutics portfolio: the hybridoma binding GST antigen and HIS antigen kits. They have been designed to reliably screen mouse hybridoma supernatants against specific GST or HIS-tagged antigens.
Hybridoma binding (GST antigen) kit
Hybridoma binding (HIS antigen) kit

1 binding kit to identifying inhibitors of protein/protein interactions.
Human PD1/PD-L1 biochemical binding kit

3 new validated Opioid receptors for performing ligand binding assays using labeled cells and their matching fluorescent ligand.
Delta opioid Receptor expressing cells labeled with Terbium
Kappa opioid Receptor expressing cells labeled with Terbium
Mu opioid Receptor expressing cells labeled with Terbium
Opioid Delta, Kappa and Mu Receptor fluorescent probe

Using the AlphaLISA® Surefire® UltraTM technology:

ACC total
CDK2 total
JAK2 total
Raf1 phospho-Ser338
TBK1 phospho-Ser172
TBK1 total

Using the AlphaLISA® technology:

CD28/CD86 (human)
PD1/PD-L1 (cyno)
IL3 (human)
IL3 (mouse)
IFN β (mouse)

For all the Alpha® products, please contact your local representatives or visit www.perkinelmer.com.

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